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Edible Projects: Chocolate Chiquita Banana Chips

My kids absolutely love being in the kitchen and helping me. I don’t know if this a product of being the child of a cooking blogger or simply the food-loving gene they inherited from their parents. Either way, I am good with it. Well, most days.

When I am trying to plan an activity for us all to do I usually try to incorporate food in some way. This month we are getting ready to head on the road for a vacation so I wanted to think about what type of snacks the kids might enjoy to make for our road trip. I also wanted to make sure that these were healthy snacks. And the other thing I have found is that when I have my kids help with healthy snack making they are more likely to try the end product (and sample along the way). This is food grazing I can be proud of.

I got to thinking about making my own Chiquita Banana Chips and realized that there were a world of possibilities out there we could try. Why don’t we already dip our Chiquita Bananas in more goodness before dehydrating them? And what flavors could I come up with that would work and be pleasing to the kids? One can’t go wrong with chocolate, right?

So we set about dipping our sliced bananas in some cocoa and creating Chocolate Chiquita Banana Chips. The kids loved dipping them (and licking their fingers). They didn’t love waiting the 8 hours they needed to cook and dehydrate BUT I was able to offer them some uncooked chips in the meantime.

You should really try this with your kids, they will absolutely love it! I love a project with my kids that is edible too!

Tricia Callahan (aka Once A Month Mom)
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    xbaber says:
    May 17th at 10:55 am

    Sounds yummy. Have you ever tried a food dehydrator instead of the oven? I’m wondering how the times would compare.