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Mommy Cards – Do You Have One? {DIY FREE Printable}

Mommy Cards are all the rage these days. Some people call them ‘mommy calling cards’ or ‘mommy contact cards,’ but basically a Mommy Card is a business card complete with contact information and the vital statistics about your business of being a mom. What’s on your card is up to you, and they’re also a great way to show off your personal style to new acquaintances. Mommy Cards are perfect for making new friends, setting up play dates, and general networking. I’ve been using Mommy Cards for almost three years, and I carry them with me everywhere, to dance class, TaeKwonDo class, the park, church functions, homeschool group meetings, sports events, and more. You never know when you might meet a new friend, or your daughter’s newest BFF!

Before I started using Mommy Cards, I can’t tell you how many times I met a fellow mom that I wanted to get together with later, or set up a play-date with, only to spend time digging around in my purse or the diaper bag for a scrap of paper and a pen to write down my email address or phone number. This was usually, right before we left where ever we were, and it never failed that one of the kiddos was screaming, crying, or hanging on my leg.  And if I got contact info from the other mom, it would end up down at the bottom of my purse/bag, never to be seen again. With Mommy Cards, all that pertinent info is right on the card. All you gotta do is whip that baby out, and pass it along. It literally takes two seconds! They’re small, so they fit easily in a pocket. And, the more colorful or visually appealing they are, the less likely anybody is to forget you!

Here’s some need to know info about Mommy Cards, and a few tips for getting your own:

What information should I include? How much information you share is completely up to you, and also depends on where you’ll be using the cards. The basic information that I would definitely recommend including would be your name, cell number, and email address. If you are a social media enthusiast, consider including your Facebook information, Twitter ID, and/or Pinterest username. If you’ll be meeting new moms that you may want to set up play dates with, having your child’s name on your card and/or picture may be an option. If you have Adobe Photoshop and Elements, and you’d like to create some mommy cards with photos on them, check out these free Mommy Card templates from MCP Actions.

What size is the right size? This again also depends on where and when you’ll be using your Mommy Card. Just want the basic 411 info on it, no frills? Go for a slimline version with a 3 ½” x 1″ size. You can also go for a traditional business card size of 3 ½” x 2″. Want to add a spot for jotting down a play date reminder (much like a doctor’s office appointment card)? You might think of opting for a larger square size like a 3 ½” x 3 ½”. There are lots of ways to make your Mommy Card unique, like changing the orientation of your design so your rectangle shaped card is vertical rather than horizontal. There are also plenty of companies out that there that sell die cut cards in fun shapes and sizes. If you’re making your own, you can create a die cut card using a large paper punch found at stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.

Where do I get my own? You have two options when getting your own Mommy Cards. Create your own or buy them. You can find online printing stores that will not only print them for you, but many will design them for you or offer templates for you to design your own. They vary in price depending on where you purchase them and how much of the design work you do yourself. The easiest kind of Mommy Card to buy is the fill-in-the-blank kind. You pick from a selection of pre-made designs, fill in your information, order, and they show up all nice and neatly printed on your step several days later. Vistaprint offers Mommy Cards starting at $5.99 for 25 cards.

Creating your own isn’t as hard as you would imagine. It also saves you money, and you can print as many as you want! Printing them on cardstock, gives them more of an actual ‘card’ feel, or you can even print on photo paper to add a glossy finish. When I make mine, I use Microsoft Publisher. It already has a business card template, and it’s easy-peasy to adjust the size. You can also use Adobe Photoshop or Elements if you are Adobe savvy, or basically any type of image/photo editing software. is easy-to-use, free to download, and I use it regularly. To design my cards, I also use digital scrapbooking papers and embellishments. They work great (usually you will need to resize the images with a photo editing program), cost only a few dollars, are ready almost instantly to download and use, and I can really show off my personality with the colors and images I want. I love putting a fun design on the back of the card, so it’s not blank. Gives it more personality. You can find some great free and affordable digital sets at and

Want to be able to print out your own at home to save money, but are afraid to attempt designing them yourself? Go for a print your own design like these Mommy Cards available from Print Your Party on Etsy. For only $10, you download a pdf file with the cards, customize them with your info, and print out as many as you want. Do a simple online search, and you can find lots of great designs for free or at affordable prices!

Mommy Cards are fun, a great way to break the ice, and a useful tool for networking and keeping your social life organized! Here’s a few designs I created just for the moms here in the Chiquita Moms Community! Just click on the images below to download the Mommy Card designs. The images show both the the front and back of the cards. All files are in Microsoft Publisher form, and you can erase my info and input your own easily. Then, print out as many as you like, and keep them on hand!


If you’re a crafty sewing momma, check out this stylish Mommy Card holder DIY tutorial from The Crafty Cupboard!

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